First Minimal-Techno Compilation. OUT NOW!


Click pic for 40 tracks of finest Minimal Techno. Releasedate: 10.12.15 

with: Mike Wall, Afrilounge, Der Thal, Slz, Dualton, Lars Sommerfeld, Holger Brauns, Hatzler, Hector Pizarro, Miguel Colmenares, Morgenklang, Julien Piacentino and some more

 First Tech House Compilation. OUT NOW!


Click pic for 53 tracks of finest Tech-House. Release Date: 10.12.15 

with Philipp Poisel, Chopstick, Nils Nuernberg, Mike Wall, Lars Sommerfeld, Afrilounge, Der Thal, Carsten Rausch, Holger Brauns, Dr. Berger, Sven Wegner, Haske&Fusco, Falk Bachert, Junior Freak and many more.

Lounge Album OUT NOW!  Click pic for soundcloud preview snipets. Release Date: 03.12.15

The Chillout Company is a bandproject from Hamburg, Germany. The musicians seize musicsnippets and lead them into another dimension. DJs call it back to back. In a way it sounds like an endless arpeggio, everything is meshing somehow. More electronically inspired than bandlike. Sometimes queer as well as straight, not far from traditional deep grooving beats like Trip-Hop. Mostly easygoing as you are used to - but touching! In the end it`s light, blue but cheerful. Incredible stuff from the guys from hamburg.

New Brauns & Berger EP out now!

Holger Brauns & Dr. Berger - "One" EP.

with remixes from Gerald Peklar and Moinzen.

Click pic for soundcloud preview snipets.

Release Date: 10.11.15

Out soon:

Peklar & Brauns Album - Back In Time

Release Date: 10.02.16

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